XXXII Congress of the ESCRS, London 2014

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02 Sep 2014
Squamous cell carcinoma can sometimes masquerade as pterygium.
02 Sep 2014
Vitamin supplements may indeed reduce the risk for developing cataracts
02 Sep 2014
An implantable miniature telescope can provide useful visual function in carefully selected patients with end-stage AMD
16 Sep 2014
Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS), though very much promoted as the next big thing, is still in its infancy and has some drawbacks.
14 Sep 2014
The vexed question of vitreoretinal complications of anterior segment surgery drew a large and appreciative audience to the joint ESCRS-EURETINA symposium chaired by Francesco Bandello, president of EURETINA and Roberto Bellucci, president of the ESCRS.
14 Sep 2014
Entitled “Starting Phaco,” the programme featured 11 different presentations and a wide variety of videos. Particularly interesting was the “Learning from the Learners” element
14 Sep 2014
Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery has received a tremendous amount of attention over the past few years, but ophthalmologists seem to want more information and data comparisons with standard cataract surgery before considering a switch in their own practice.
13 Sep 2014
A single intravitreal injection of an anti-VEGF agent in babies with retinopathy of prematurity induces regression of pathological neovascularization and also promotes resumption of physiological vascularization of the retina

Other news from September Issue

Hydrodissection and hydrodelineation are vital for safe phacoemulsification
Correcting astigmatism and preventing endophthalmitis remained popular endeavours among European cataract and refractive surgeons in 2013.
David O’Brart, president of the United Kingdom and Ireland Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons, previews the XXXII Congress of the ESCRS
Research drives progress in ophthalmology. There are countless examples where a standard technique or procedure is first accepted, then questioned, challenged, rejected only to be replaced by a new approach.

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Calendar of events

XXXII Congress of the ESCRSSat, 09/13/2014 (All day)
AAO Annual MeetingSat, 10/18/2014 (All day)
27th APACRS Annual MeetingSat, 10/18/2014 (All day)
94th SOI National CongressFri, 11/21/2014 (All day)
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